C3 Art

Street Artist

29 February

Sheffield trip

I always enjoy a visit to Sheffield, although most of the abandoned buildings I used to explore are gone now, there’s still a few holding on. There’s still plenty of good spots for getting stickers up!

24 May

C3 in Portland, Oregon.

I recently visited Portland to see my streetart friends who live out there. Amazing memories and art were made!

03 November

Out with the old

I first did a paste up in this spot back in 2015 and it has slowly decayed away over the years. During a recent trip to Hackney Wick I thought it was about time a new girl was placed here. If you look closely you can still see some of the original paste up.

18 October

Teenage Kicks

If you’ve followed my work for a while you’ll know I like to place my girls in hidden little corners. I like to draw them so they can work alone in a space…or ideally in a grubby corner! When drawing my newest girl ‘Teenage Kicks’ I took inspiration from my old ‘Roller Girl’ design, with her kicking a leg up.

This placement for me was just meant to be! The colours and texture in the background were perfect for her, it was a dream spot to put her!

18 October


WrdSmth recently visited Manchester to work on a few murals aswell as a few smaller pieces. We couldn’t resist the chance to do a couple a collab pieces, we haven’t done any new ones in a while so it was the perfect opportunity. I always love how they turn out, I feel with his wrds and my girls simplicity they just seem to work so well together.

18 October

Go with the flow

I think during covid many street artists either flourished or struggled to find inspiration to create. I fell into the latter, I just couldn’t find any inspiration or motivation. It’s only in the last year I’ve really got creative again, but once I did I really felt good. One of the first girls that came about was ‘Go with the flow’.

11 February

C3 x Wrdsmth

This week a limited edition print of the collaboration piece ‘London Rain’ with LA artist Wrdsmth was made available through PaperandFabric. It is always a pleasure to work alongside Wrdsmth as I feel our styles really compliment one another. The edition of 25, along with the Artist Proofs have now sold out! Thank you to anyone who managed to purchase one! x


06 January

New Year

So 2017 started with a little trip to Sheffield. I haven’t been there in a while and it was good to see how the place has changed. I got some stickers up and a little paste up. Even discovered one of my old pieces has become a Pokestop! img_20161227_184642_546img_20170104_183256_351img_20161229_183534_317

12 August

Sand,sea and spray.

Myself and D7606 were invited along to the Sand, Sea and Spray festival in Blackpool at the end of July. It’s always one of my favourite festivals to go to and it was even better to be a part of it this year.


01 June

East to west..

I had a visit to America recently and was lucky enough to see both the East and West coast. Here are a few quick snaps of the trip.IMG_20160515_193902IMG_20160505_111420IMG_20160503_232440IMG_20160503_000019IMG_20160428_183452IMG_20160426_171755IMG_20160424_125940