C3 Art

Street Artist

12 August

Sand,sea and spray.

Myself and D7606 were invited along to the Sand, Sea and Spray festival in Blackpool at the end of July. It’s always one of my favourite festivals to go to and it was even better to be a part of it this year.


01 June

East to west..

I had a visit to America recently and was lucky enough to see both the East and West coast. Here are a few quick snaps of the trip.IMG_20160515_193902IMG_20160505_111420IMG_20160503_232440IMG_20160503_000019IMG_20160428_183452IMG_20160426_171755IMG_20160424_125940

02 March


So 2016 has been a slow start so far. Last year ended on a high note with a few collabs with Wrdsmth from Los Angeles. I am a huge fan of his work so was great to work with him.

I haven’t done much since, the cold weather has kept me indoors, ¬†however I have plenty of ideas ready to be drawn up and for you to find!

2016-03-02 10.15.28 2016-03-02 10.16.10

17 February

Sitting ladies…

My ladies of  2015 are taking the start of the year pretty easy. You can find them chilling out on various windows and ledges in Sheffield and London.

c3  windowC3 Sheffield - January 2015

07 November

Busy busy…

I’ve been getting a lot of orders from people ready for Christmas. I have a big cartel where you can order from. If you are interested please order sooner rather than later. Thank you x



24 May

Oh dear…

I really need to start updating this! The last time was December! I am planning on redesigning the site and hopefully remembering to update it!


11 December

Heart detail

I’ve been spending my time practicing getting the detailing better with some of my designs, here’s a sneak peak at something special I’m working on….


19 September

Time for an update….

It’s been six months since I last updated things on here! Terrible! Need to get back on it!!
It’s been a busy few months, I painted at the New Urban Era jam in Tamworth, done a few collaborations and got more lined up! Here are a few photos to sum up the fun…..






10 March

Stencil Lady


So I had a go at my first stencil today! I’m planning on doing plenty of my fashion style ladies! For my first attempt I’m pretty pleased! Still needs a little improvement but will get there!

03 March

Heart balloons



So I wanted to do something different to pasting and stickers, after a think an idea popped into my head!….. Helium balloons!! Of course they had to be heart shaped! So I got some, attached illustrations to them, which on the back had a link to my twitter and Instagram feed.

A day later someone got in touch via Instagram! They had found one if my balloons all the way in some village on the outskirts of Liverpool! Can’t believe it got that far!