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02 March


So 2016 has been a slow start so far. Last year ended on a high note with a few collabs with Wrdsmth from Los Angeles. I am a huge fan of his work so was great to work with him.

I haven’t done much since, the cold weather has kept me indoors, ¬†however I have plenty of ideas ready to be drawn up and for you to find!

2016-03-02 10.15.28 2016-03-02 10.16.10

17 February

Sitting ladies…

My ladies of  2015 are taking the start of the year pretty easy. You can find them chilling out on various windows and ledges in Sheffield and London.

c3  windowC3 Sheffield - January 2015

26 December

Grog hearts



So I am wanting to experiment with different types of materials and pens, I bought myself some Grog Pens from The Bench 504 shop in brum. I’ve always loved the affect these pens have so am glad I finally tried them out! Will definitely be getting more!!!

04 December

Christmas joy



So last year I did a whole load of Christmas special stickers. A year on and some have survived!! To celebrate and go better a year on I have done the same design but as a paste! Only small ones as digbeth is just getting cleaned up all the time at the moment, but the ladies are out spreading Christmas joy!

20 November

Golden brown…



I recently bought a brown papered sketch book, and I’ve well and truly fallen in love! Loving the effect it gives to my drawings. When I find the time I think I will end up doing some bigger pastes onto postage paper! They could either look awesome or terrible…but I won’t know if I don’t try!

17 October



So I have decided I need to be more patient with my drawings and spend some time putting more detail into them. I love going out pasting…So my designs were always thrown to together as quickly as possible so I could go out and get them up. I’ve started out by doing more detailed hearts with sing lyrics.

20 September

Getting up….



Finally found the time to get some larger pastes up and about! I’ve been slacking lately!

27 August

New Video!


I have had the amazing chance to work with my friend Dan Stone on a video. He came along with me late one night as I hit the streets to paste and spray. We had a fun night and I really enjoyed doing it, after some awesome editing he showed me the video and I am so excited so share it with you guys! I hope you love it as much as I do!