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02 March


So 2016 has been a slow start so far. Last year ended on a high note with a few collabs with Wrdsmth from Los Angeles. I am a huge fan of his work so was great to work with him.

I haven’t done much since, the cold weather has kept me indoors,  however I have plenty of ideas ready to be drawn up and for you to find!

2016-03-02 10.15.28 2016-03-02 10.16.10

17 February

Sitting ladies…

My ladies of  2015 are taking the start of the year pretty easy. You can find them chilling out on various windows and ledges in Sheffield and London.

c3  windowC3 Sheffield - January 2015

27 August

Photography collaboration.



Whilst visiting family I also found time to catch up with an old collage friend, we were chatting about what we had been up to and both thought it would be a cool idea to do something together. Hayley studied photography at university so it only seemed natural we merge the two together. After photographing ourselves in our underwear….much to her flatmates delight… I then used Photoshop to draw over the images we selected, creating the above images.